Christopher M. Brooks

Studio Director | Photographer | Motion Director

The only athletic ability in the studio. Able to deal with any insane challenge thrown his direction. Knows how to drive a boat.

“Hey, you got a second?”

Barclay Hughes

Photographer | Stills | Motion

Professor, skater, goes by Tom when ordering lunch. Knows more about fashion than any man should.

“Can we change that music?”

Patrick Arnold

Photographer | Stills | Motion

Great eye for detail but can’t hear for crap. Builds stuff out of wood sometimes. Sort of remembers the eighties.

“That’s not terrible”

Natalie Hinds

Photographer | Stills | Motion

Short & sweet. Four o’clock wine connoisseur. Can make food beg to have it’s picture taken.


Michelle Porter


Horse aficionado, frat-house mom,,timesheet collector. Juggler of more details than modt people can hold in their brain at once.

“Who has the menu?”

Lord Wakeon

Studio Canine

A.K.A. Bubby, Little Monster, Prancer Dancer, Army Dog. Loves kolaches, naps upon his throne and long pitiful glances for snacks

“Arf. Arf, arf.”

If I only had a middle finger…