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Photographing France in St. Louis


Brocante – From The verb brocanter (“to deal in second hand goods”), of obscure origin.

One of our favorite catalog clients is Soft Surroundings, a vital and growing local company located right around the corner from StudioC. A couple of times a year the smell of 18th century dust and antique wood heralds the arrival of a French shipping container at the studio and we know it’s once again the season to shoot their Brocante line of merchandise. From cathedral doors and wrought iron architectural details to plaster columns, chairs, chests and bookcases, all are hand selected from open air Parisian markets and antique shops. Our mission is to make them look even more awesome than they already do.

Brocante_2         Brocante_3

As usual, our team was called on to produce a massive number of shots in a short amount of time. This time that meant setting up and shooting over two-hundred authentic French collectables in five days. We accomplished this by running two sets, with Kevin on the big stuff and Brishen on the tabletop stuff; Philip and Julie, two set stylists in from New York, working the sets simultaneously and everyone moving at top speed. Keeping the lighting big, soft, simple and directional brings out the naturally aged and distressed beauty of the antiques and helps keep the shooting pace quick and efficient.


Visit Soft Surroundings Brocante to see amazing photographs created by the remarkably talented people here at StudioC…and also some French furniture.