Welcome to one of St. Louis’ premier commercial photo studios and one of the best kept secrets in town.

Many businesses that could benefit from our services don’t even know we exist!  We’d love to let you know that we do indeed exist, and are safely open for business and able to serve you during these times of social distancing.

As a full production commercial photography studio our first priority is to provide you with photographic content that doesn’t just fulfill your vision, but far exceeds your expectations.

We’re an innovative, flexible, low maintenance crew who excels at working business to business with in-house marketing and art departments to consistently deliver remarkable results. We can provide help and art direction when needed and love working with the client as a team to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
Once we know what the client is looking for, it’s not uncommon that we shoot the entire job without the client on-site. Additionally, we have several remote approval and art direction options available for off-site clients.
Our 20,000 square feet of studio space gives us a ton of flexibility to produce almost any shoot. We have a full professional kitchen and relationships with some top food, set, apparel and makeup stylists in the country. We have a thirty foot wide cyc-wall with cove, portable hair & makeup stations, big dressing room, merch prep & staging areas, set building facilities and a huge in-house collection of props, surfaces & backgrounds.
And being in the same building as our parent company, Colortek, gives us immediate access to a variety of additional pre-media services including: retouching & digital image construction, color matching, analog & virtual proofing, page assembly, asset management, in-house flexo plating, and large format printing.

Please come by for a tour, or contact Mike or Michelle for an assessment of your job and a price quote.

We’re looking forward to working with you!